As America sits on the brink of the Great War, it is a time of fear and awesome adventure for a young man eager to serve his country. "Having come of age, I took the buck-board to the near-by recruiting station to sign-up for military service. Since the minimum age for conscription was 21, I was able to volunteer for service by means of a slight slip of the pen. I entered my date of birth as June 12, 1896 and suddenly I'm 21." From freedom to conscription, zeal to terror, Stephen E. Moss draws you deep into the trials and triumphs of Private William Rudolph, a young man determined to serve his nation with everything he has. Moss walks you through both the physical and emotional battles that Private Rudolph faces as he serves his nation. "I received notification in the mail, to-day, to report for duty. I am to report to the training camp on the first of September."

Through the Eyes of a Soldier: A World Gone Mad; The Life of William Rudolph
USD $ 20.99

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